Clean Your Coffee Machine

If you are wanting to know the best way to clean your coffee machine the correct way, read on. Coffee makers should be cleansed one or two times every month to fully enjoy a cup of coffee that always tastes superb.

Your coffee maker carries off hard water mineral deposits when cleaned up. Cleaning also takes away oils and grease from brewed pots in the past and other remains that can make your coffee taste terrible.

Urnex Cleancaf Home Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine Cleaner ans Descaler 2 PACK

Directions 1. Dissolve contents of Cleancaf package in 4 cups of warm water. Pour into water reservoir. Put empty pot and filter basket in place. For espresso machines attach handle and place an empty container below. 2. Turn machine on and begin the brew cycle. Espresso machines, also allow several ounces of Cleancaf solution to flow through steam pipe (into a container to avoid spray.) Discard entire solution once it has passed through your machine. 3. Rinse all components and repeat steps 1 and 2 twice with clean water only. Espresso machines remove handle. You may soak handle and filters in Cleancaf solution then rinse all components with clean water.

Urnex Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaning Powder .33 oz 9 Packets

Full Circle Biodegradable Single Cup Brewer Cleaning and Descaling Liquid 14 ounce

Mr. Coffee Coffeemaker Cleaner for All Automatic Drip Coffeemakers, Pack of 9

Brew Rite Coffee Maker Cleaner


Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

Rise through the ranks with the Gaggia Accademia, a smartly appointed super automatic espresso machine, whose charming good looks and responsive performance are sure to earn it place at the top of its class. With a contemporary stainless-steel front panel, durable metal frame, and a bright display, the Accademia embodies refined design aesthetics. Anchored by one-touch, programmable push-button controls for espresso, hot water and milk outputs, the Accademia dispenses perfect beverages on demand. Just select your desired beverage from one of seven dedicated buttons capable of delivering the following drinks: espresso, caffe, caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte, Latte macchiato and hot water.

Your coffee machine is not hard to clean and is worth the effort.

There are products available in the market that will clean your coffee machine. If you want to make cleaners, you have to ensure that you follow the instructions stated for safety. Usually, these solutions are in a form of acid which are packed for convenient use.

Durgol Express Multipurpose Decalcifier

Durgol Express is a multi-purpose decalcifier for countless household items. Everywhere you heat up water, there will be calcium/lime build-up. It’s just natural, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with clogged coffee makers and stained tiles or clogged kitchen faucets, and shower heads.

Durgol Express is formulated to powerfully and effectively remove calcium/lime build-up and deposits.

Perhaps best known for use with coffee machines, it also restores the shine to ceramic surfaces and counter tops, shower heads and faucets are easily unclogged and remain free flowing, and steam irons, flower vases, pots and pans, irons, and humidifiers can all be rejuvenated with Durgol Express.

This versatile, multi-purpose cleaner safely and easily eliminates water marks on most washable surfaces. Simply wipe away stains on flat surfaces. For more stubborn build-up, allow item to soak.

Ready for use and simple to use: there’s no need to dissolve in water (unlike powders and tablets). It’s possibly the fastest and most thorough decalcifier in the world and works up to 10 times faster than other brands.

In no way you should use any kind of soap to wash your coffee. Most detergents and soaps leave suds and deposits behind which may possibly cause harm to your coffee maker. These may also make your coffee taste awful.


Full Circle Biodegradable Single Cup Brewer Cleaning and Descaling Liquid

Full circle single cup brewer cleaning and descaling liquid keeps your cs specifically designed to keep your single-cup coffeemaker or espresso machine clean and free of lime scale mineral buildup that can clog the system. The easy-to-use liquid and powders do it the natural way, with formulations that clean effectively without harmful chemicals.

Biodegradable, phosphate free, and odorless. Specially formulated for effective descaling maintenance in single cup brewers. Cleans away residue and build-up that can clog your machine. Tested and approved for all single cup brewers. It is recommended to use full circle cleaning and descaling liquid every 3 months.

Hamilton Beach 49981 Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel

Keurig B130 DeskPro Brewing System


However, the coffee pot or the glass portion which collects the coffee can be cleansed with the use of soap. This is an efficient washing means provided that you rinse the coffee pot thoroughly. Also, it is suggested to clean the pot plus the filter basket in hot soapy water.

Here are simple steps you can make the most out of, if you have a coffee maker and do not know how to cleanse and preserve it:


Cleaning the Carafe

1. Clean the carafe using soap and a mild soap.
2. Fill the carafe with water and mild detergent then leave the solution in the carafe overnight to remove stains.
3. Wash the carafe completely.


Cleaning the water tank

1. Put water plus a pint of vinegar in the coffee maker tank.
2. Put the carafe into the hot plate and close the funnel.
3. Switch your coffee maker on.
4. Leave the vinegar in the water tank for half an hour.
5. Empty the carafe and then rinse it very well.
6. Again, put water on the tank and repeat the brewing cycle.
7. Switch the coffee maker off.
8. Clean the carafe thoroughly with running water.


Cleaning the hot plate and the filter basket

1. Turn off your coffee maker. Unplug it.
2. Allow your coffee maker to cool prior to cleaning.
3. Wipe down the hot plate using a damp fabric.
4. Wipe the hotplate dry.
5. Wash the filter basket with soap and water.
6. Rinse it thoroughly.

Make use of safe, inexpensive products in cleaning your coffee maker to enjoy more great tasting coffee.


Bialetti Brikka 4-Cup Stovetop Percolator
The Biaretti open fire coffee machine stove top brewer makes 4 2-ounce cups of espresso in minutes. You can make great coffee camping or at home, all you need is a stove top. Even a camping stove will work.

Stovetop brewer makes 4 2-ounce cups of espresso in minutes. Unique octagon shape. Aluminum Coffee Maker And Filter. Dual-chamber design and pressurizing process for fast brewing. The Brikka was redesigned with an opening in the lid to allow air circulation into the valve which creates the perfect “crema”.  Measures 4 by 7-1/2 inches.

The Bialetti Brikka is a classic. My older brother has used them for over 30 years. He brewed New Orleans Cafe Du Monde Coffee & Chicory Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chickory in it. I still have an old Bialetti Brikka of my brothers and I pull it out and put on the radio station and remember old times.  I drink a cup to WWOZ co-founders Jerry Brock and Walter Brock. Without them and WWOZ I would have missed out on a whole world or music.

This is the stuff that will give you the will to do the things that need to get done. A Bialetti Brikka brewer and a can of French Market Coffee & Chicory, Dark Roast. Bring me just one more Cafe Du Monde Beignets, please.


French Market Coffee & Chicory, City Dark Roast.

Greetings from New Orleans! In 1890, the first can of French Market Coffee & Chicory roasted, blended and packaged. The Bartlett and Dodge families, incorporated as the American Coffee Company, moved that famous coffee to 800 Magazine Street in 1941. In this post-Katrina age of fascination with our city and its history, we recognize the strength of our 117 years of calling New Orleans home. Our customers are fiercely loyal, both individually and institutionally. We are enjoyed in the iconic restaurants of a city known for its cuisine. This “Who We Are” is part of what inspires the loyalty we strive to live up to day after day and year after year. A family company in every sense of the word, we’ve been fortunate enough to keep our employees with us for years … some have even stuck with us for decades!



An Illy commercial espresso machine, photo by Colin.

The most common acids found in your kitchen that can be used to remove mineral deposits built up  include lemon juice and vinegar. They can be applied in the similar way as store bought cleaners but for a much smaller price. Typically, a vinegar and water mixture is able to work very well. Also, the effort in cleaning a coffee maker is dependent on how greatly it has been cared for. You may well require appropriate detergents capable of removing calcium deposits if these mineral sediments built up tough on the parts of your machine.


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